Our Ethos

The team brings together established scholars, mid-career, and early-career researchers from diverse disciplinary backgrounds. Our vision is of shared leadership which involves creating spaces for different members of the core team to lead and be supported by their peers. For this to truly happen, we are working on creating ways for everyone to be heard and for their opinions to be respected.

Given our diversity- geographically, socially and intellectually- the team consists of individuals who have different challenges and barriers to participation. We acknowledge the existing hierarchies based on vast inequalities which ensure that there are implicit power dynamics that prevail between institutions in countries and across regions of the continent, between established and early career researchers; and between academics and people outside the academy.

The inequalities that exist also extend to hierarchies of knowledge, language, economic privilege, and digital access to academic sources. While we recognise that these cannot simply be addressed by a commitment to epistemic generosity, collaborative engagement and reflexive practice, our challenge to ourselves, as a team, is to create caring spaces, where we commit to pooling resources and sharing the responsibility of ensuring successful collaborations while remaining critical.

Continuous reflection and acknowledging one’s own privilege guides our engagements with each other. We acknowledge and, will where possible, aim to address issues of access, inclusion and social justice at every level.